Man and the land

As far as anyone can remember, our family has always cultivated vines. But it is from the nineteenth century that we made our first wine. From father to son, our skills have been passed down and everyone has contributed.

Our domain consists of 7 ha located in the Côtes des Bar, planted with pinot noir, as well as pinot blanc and chardonnay on a clay and limestone soil interspersed with white marl. As owner-growers, we make our champagnes with our own grapes. Oh what love - what care that we give to each one. Our lands are our garden, and this is why we give them the greatest care.

Richard Cheurlin is the fourth generation. He arrived in 1978 and gave new life to our house: Pest management, selection and specific vinification, barrel aging, looking for the perfect ripeness...

Champagne is treated like a great wine. He has bought small tanks to be able to identify each of the parcels planted with love, cuvees and separate sizes. In 1987, he launched the Cuvée Jeanne in memory of his grandmother which he makes and ages entirely in barrels. He was the first in our region to reuse barrels during the period when the explosion of stainless steel tanks dominated.

And it's been over 20 years he has worked with a group of agronomists, researchers and winemakers to develop a more friendly viticulture for our environment. For 10 years now we are also working a part of our vineyard in organic viticulture without pesticides or herbicides. We encourage plants and essential oils. My father is a pioneer in the respect of our lands. Thanks to specific vinification and progress towards a cleaner viticulture, our path is the better path.

Today, Richard Cheurlin, descendant of one of the oldest families of owner-growers continues this tradition.


Lucie & Sébastian