Man and his Earth

As far as anyone can remember, our family has always cultivated vines. But it is from the nineteenth century that we made our first wine. From father to son, our skills have been passed down and everyone has contributed.

Our Champagne

Depending on the varieties, their different blendings, years for the vintages and the dosage , we can offer a wide range of champagnes according to your taste and way of drinking them : before a meal, with dessert and above all during a meal

Demi-sec Carte Noire

Beautiful pale gold colour, fine and abundant bubbles It's smell charms with fruity,delicious odours. It tastes, round and generous, hints of biscuit  and a wealth of toast notes. Good balance between freshness,sweetness and  vivacity, with a finish of infinite softness.

We recommend this cuvee with dessert, with an oriental dish or as an  aperitif with some foie gras and onion confit.